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Here are just a few of the ways we make your life easier.

What is OnQuest?

OnQuest is the one-stop-app to help you manage all of your “to do’s”.
OnQuest allows residents to free up their time so that they can live more and worry less. OnQuest isn’t just about checking boxes, though… we’re about bolstering your quality of life and helping you experience more freedom from stress. We don’t just help you finish chores, we enhance your days by fostering connection and community, as well as productivity.

How does the OnQuest app work?

OnQuest users must be a resident at a partner property. Your property has elected to provide you specific complimentary services each week to help you #GetABetterLife. Think of it as the most practical (and valuable) amenity you have! Just download the app and enter your property’s unique code to get started. You can get this code from your property management team! Once you download the app, you’ll have access to the variety of services available to your community. Fill out your profiles. Enter your payment information. And then, just OnQuest your “to do” list. Tasks will be completed on a weekly basis on your assigned Service Day which displays in the app! Easy as that!

How do I know if I can use OnQuest?

Ask your property! Or email us here.

What makes OnQuest different from other apps?

We bring value through true VIP experiences while empowering you to handle all of your “to do’s” with the tap of a finger. We sincerely care about your resident experience and that guides the way we serve you with intentionality. Your OnQuest Captain gets to know you through your profiles and pays attention to the details, so that your bed is made just right, your house is cleaned exactly as specified and your favorite brands always end up in your fridge.

How do I get started with my services?

Once you create your account, you can book an in-person “Meet & Greet” with your dedicated OnQuest Captain. This is a great time to ask any questions you might have about your services! We can complete this appointment in-person following all COVID-19 protocols or virtually. You can also get to know your Captain by viewing their bio and photo in the app. Once you have met your Captain and discussed some of the details and preferences for your services, you will be assigned a Service Day. We will do our best to get you the best Service Day based on your schedule. Then, all you have to do each week is make sure you view your “Your Next Service Day” checklist to ensure that all of your “to do’s” for the week have been entered for your Captain to complete.

Do I really need to fill out my profile?

Yes! You can create detailed profiles tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. This way your Captain can make sure your specific needs are always met. Because we want to make sure everything is done just right, you won’t be able to submit a request for a service unless the associated profile is complete.

What services does OnQuest offer?

Your Captain can complete the following services provided to you compliments of your property as part of your Service Day:
– OnQuest Clean
– Grocery Shopping
– Errand Running (such as delivering flowers to your home or picking up a prescription)
– Package Pick-Up
– Laundry Drop-Off and Pick-Up
The services listed above are subject to change based on availability from property to property.

How much does it cost to use OnQuest?

Your property covers the cost of labor for your complimentary services! If there are certain services not offered as part of your Service Day, tap the “A La Carte” button and you’ll find a list of services such as Handyman or Mobile Car Wash services that you can order via Task Rabbit in partnership with OnQuest. You will be re-directed to the Task Rabbit site from the “A La Carte” screen to choose your service provider, book your time and pay. Task Rabbit offers competitive rates for every service!

Then why do you need payment information?

The payment method on file will only be used to purchase requested items such as groceries, flowers, prescriptions, etc. Payment will be rendered prior to the delivery of your items to your home. You are the only one who can access your payment information to make updates or add a new method of payment.

Do I get to choose my Service Day?

There are a variety of factors that play into Service Day assignments, so we can’t promise that a specific day will be available, but we always do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can my Service Day change from week to week?

Scheduling constraints require that your Service Day remain the same each week (for now).

So I’ve completed my profiles, entered a payment method and am ready to schedule a service. What do I do?

– Open your OnQuest app.
– Select a service by tapping on the button for that service on the Home Screen. You can also
access the service by tapping on the name of the service from your “Your Next Service Day”
– Follow the prompts to let us know the details of your request.
– OnQuest it!

Can I make specific requests when scheduling a service?

Of course! Just note any detailed instructions in the comments box when you are scheduling your service for that week. These notes will pertain to that week only unless otherwise specified in your profiles.

What happens when I book a service through OnQuest?

Your service request goes straight to the OnQuest team and also populates in your weekly checklist. You can also enable email, text or push notifications in your settings to get reminders and alerts about the status of your services.

Do I get to book services for a specific time or day?

Your “to do” list will be completed on your assigned Service Day. However, the time your Captain arrives at your home can vary. If you have any questions about scheduling, please always feel free to reach out to the Virtual Concierge using the Contact tab in the app.

What do I do with my pets on my Service Day?

We recommend but do not require that you put Gus or Coco in their crates. This is left up to your discretion and understanding of your pet’s temperament and needs. It’s also a great idea to introduce your pet to your Captain during your Meet & Greet.
Your Captain will always work with the utmost care around your pet. In rare cases, your Captain might not be able to complete a service in the presence of your pet.
But overall, if your buddy tends to roam on the daily, let ‘em roam and we will keep an eye out for them. Have a treat we should give them? Leave it on the counter and we will make sure to give them some extra TLC, too.

How do I prepare for my services to be completed?

Just schedule them! No need to worry about getting ready for us. Simply make sure your payment method is up-to-date and put the pup up if need be. Leave any instructions around specific services when updating your weekly service requests and watch your chores get checked off your list! Feel free to reach out to your property or Customer Service for more information.

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

Yes, we do use your preferred cleaning supplies. You just let us know where they are stored when you build your profile and you can always specify certain supplies you do or don’t want used.

Who is completing my services?

Your OnQuest Captain is a W2 employee and trained hospitality specialist dedicated to serving the residents of your community and checking your tasks off your list.

What are the qualifications?

The OnQuest Team consists of highly-qualified, experienced luxury service providers who have been thoroughly background checked, vetted and trained. If they’re cleaning your house or running an errand on your behalf, they are attentive to detail while also respectful of your space and privacy. If they are doing your grocery shopping, they are mindful of your specific needs.